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"weight loss" is not successful.

5 reasons why “weight loss” is not successful

5 reasons why “weight loss” is not successful. Many times we fail to lose weight where we think we have tried hard. But in the end, the results turned out to be failed. But if the reasons for the unsuccessful weight loss are known, losing weight is not difficult anymore. Lack of motivation to lose

How about eating in the 'Mediterranean' style?

How about eating in the ‘Mediterranean’ ?

How about eating in the ‘Mediterranean’ style? How about decarbon fat? In addition to the clean food that we already know we must eat in a little cooking. Reduce the use of lard Palm oil in cooking. Choose to eat low-fat protein. And switched to eating more fruits and vegetables There are

Healthy Hair tips.

Healthy Hair tips

Healthy Hair tips.The lifestyle of urban people today who have to live with the problem of air pollution and dust that exceed the standard. In addition to adversely affecting the health of the body and causing an allergic reaction to the skin on the face. It also directly affects the hair