5 tricks to manage stress yourself.

Stress” is the emotional state of people who have to deal with various problems. Feeling uneasy, anxious, feeling pressured many times that many people tend to be stressed without realizing it. Because people tend to react differently to stress. Because when stress occurs, we will manifest physically, mentally, emotionally and behaviorally not healthy. Some people get irritated easily. Some people get sick easily Some people can’t sleep

Today we will reveal a simple method. 

1. Exercise to relieve stress.

Cortisol will work hard. We can fix this by getting some endorphins working through exercise, at least if we’re feeling stressed out. Getting out of your desk to stretch your lines Or walking up and down the stairs can cause us to lose focus on stress for a while. It doesn’t mean working hard, sweating a lot, but rather having a mental health effect. Just take a regular 10-minute walk and divert your attention to the positives will work, but if you have time after work, it’s a good idea to get some serious exercise. At least 30 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week is enough for the happiness hormones to work at their best.

2. Meditate, train the mind, reduce stress.

If you observe yourself whenever you feel stressed. It’s like there’s a bunch of thoughts running in my head all the time. When stress is running in our head all the time, we have to think repeatedly about that stress. How do we deal with it? Drowning in stress can prevent us from doing anything else. when feeling too anxious Try to find time to meditate. Or pray to the Buddha, practice breathing, try to set your breath in and out easily. slows the pulse Pay attention to focus on the wind, it makes us forget about stressful things. It’s been a while.

3. Allocate time in daily life.

Work Life Balance We’ve heard it for a long time, but many people still can’t do it. In addition to allocating working hours And living a good personal life will help your personal life better. It also helps in terms of how we do not take stress. Went to family with 8 hours of work, after which I should stop thinking about work. Don’t take work while spending time with family. focus on family and get enough sleep This is another good way to manage stress.

4. Relax by watching movies, listening to music.

Although we deal with various stress problems. not immediately But being able to get ourselves out of stress for a while should be a good thing to indulge in, such as laying down to watch a movie, listening to soothing music, or going out to find activities to do other than just sitting and drowning. stressful thinking Of course, it clears the mind for a while. and may cause us to come back to think of problems or stress as well

5. Change your thinking

Being overly immersed in one thought can lead to unconscious stress. or if we are caught up in a lot of anxiety became a cumulative stress The stress that occurs then becomes the cause of suffering. In science, thought is related to the brain. When one thinks, the brain reacts accordingly. If we are stressed about work, health or colleagues. The solution is to get yourself out of this stress by trying to adjust your perspective on the problems. Get yourself out and stand as an outsider. It may make it easier for us to see the cause of the problem and how to fix it than to immerse yourself in it. or if we overlook a small matter and accept the shortcomings of work or colleagues may make us understand the situation and relieve stress faster It should also protect yourself from suffering as well.