Benefits of garlic.

Garlic is one of the most useful plants. It’s good to cook. Can be used in medicine properties clearly. Today we have summarized benefits that can help.

1. Relieve cold symptoms.

From ancient Thai medicine. It has been stated that garlic has properties to help relieve cold symptoms. Effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Has hot properties to help expand the airway make breathing easier. In addition, has the effect of reducing inflammation. So we see that people eat garlic. Maybe fresh garlic Garlic tea or supplements UFABET

2. Garlic Reduce itching from insect bites.

The oil in garlic can help reduce itching from insect bites. Normally, it is preferable to smash fresh to make water come out. Then apply garlic cloves to the spots that are bitten by insects. But nowadays, there are balms extracted that are more convenient to use.

3. Solve the problem of hair loss.

The problem that bothers many people with hair loss problems. The cause may be from long hair, damaged hair from chemistry. And can help with this problem because it has allilin and sulfur to help reduce hair loss problems.

4. Reduce fat, reduce the risk of heart disease.

Alcilin is a substance that reduces blood cholesterol by no more than 10% of total cholesterol in the body. Therefore, it can be said that has a part in reducing the risk of heart disease and coronary heart disease. But it still depends on other factors. The best way is to exercise regularly. Eating a healthy diet together will reduce the risk the most.