Blame for PM2.5 dust.

          There are many types of dust in the air. Like PM10 or large dust with particles larger than 10 microns. This type will only be stuck in the nasal cavity and mouth. cannot pass through to our trachea. But fine dust with particles smaller than 2.5 microns. Known as PM2.5, with this level of diminutiveness makes it a small dust. That can pass through the nose hair, nasal cavity, throat, bronchial tubes. Until it easily enters the air sacs and our lungs, causing health hazards in many diseases. In short, it is harmful to health as follows .

* Causes coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, phlegm

          Tiny dust can pass into the nasal cavity, bronchi, where it can cause irritation and even symptoms.

* Destroys the nervous system paralyze

          from mercury contained in PM2.5 dust which comes from the process of burning oil and coal

* Dermatitis, allergies, sinusitis, difficulty breathing

          with arsenic as the cause of the symptoms. Arsenic is often caused by industrial plants, mining, and electronics. including insecticides. If the body has accumulated a large amount of arsenic. There will be symptoms of dizziness, numbness, wanting to vomit or severe to the extent. That the various nervous systems in the body are destroyed. Especially the nervous system, the work of the lungs UFABET

* Risk of cancer

          Especially cancer in the respiratory system because PM2.5 contains PA-Hs, a type of carcinogenic substance caused by incomplete combustion from car exhaust pipes. various industrial plants to cigarette smoke