Green tea.

Green tea is tea that is derived from the tea plant. With the scientific name Camellia sinensis. This type of tea will not go through the fermentation process at all. It can be prepared by heating fresh tea leaves to dry them quickly drink. The method is that after collecting the tea leaves. They are quickly dried in a copper pot using not too high heat and gently kneaded by hand before drying. Or steamed for a short time and then dried to inhibit enzyme activity. (The heat will inhibit the enzyme activity, causing decomposition). So that the tea leaves are dry but still fresh. and has a relatively green color. Hence it is called “green tea”.  

And that the tea leaves are not fermented. As a result, tea leaves contain more phenolic compounds than in oolong and black tea. (These two are fermented teas.). Therefore, green tea has more antioxidant activity than both teas. contains 35-50% EGCG, oolong tea 8-20%, and black tea only 10% EGCG. UFABET


 Substances found It consists of amino acids, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, xanthine alkaloids, caffeine and thiophylline. Which is a substance that stimulates the functioning of the central nervous system and substances in the flavonoid group called catechins.  Drinking offers many health benefits. Because the important substances in green tea leaves. A group of polyphenols called Catechins, will act to bind free radicals and effectively block oxidation reactions in the body. It can help resist many diseases. Such as preventing coronary heart disease, hypertension and cancer. But there are many beliefs about the properties . some are right some are wrong