Healthy Hair tips

Healthy Hair tips.The lifestyle of urban people today who have to live with the problem of air pollution and dust that exceed the standard. In addition to adversely affecting the health of the body and causing an allergic reaction to the skin on the face. It also directly affects the hair and scalp. If ignored or left for a long time, it will intensify and have long-term adverse effects . PM 2.5 particulate matter (Particulate Matters 2.5) is particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 microns or micrometers. Which is 40 times smaller than our hair (hair with a diameter of about 100 microns) is a rough particle. Can carry various harmful substances to the body such as cadmium, mercury, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, etc. 

Healthy Hair tips.

In addition, dust and pollution can adhere to the hair up to 3 times more than the skin, especially those with thick or long hair, prone to hair problems, weakness, dryness, frizziness, and easily clogging the pores on the scalp. And acne Over time, these dusts can penetrate the hair and destroy the hair’s protein structure. Makes hair dry and fall even more. Usually, human hair will fall off an average of 70-100 strands per day. If more than that falls, it may be a sign that the scalp is beginning to have problems.

How does PM 2.5 dust and ordinary dust harm my hair health ?

Dr. Rachathorn Punjaprateep, M.D. Department of Internal Medicine Chulalongkorn University Has recommended hair care tips when faced with air pollution, PM 2.5 dust and heat that Air pollution problems including sunlight, dust, PM 2.5 that we have to face in our daily life. In addition to affecting the health of the body and skin. It also directly affects the health of the hair and scalp. Causing dry, flaky scalp Fragile hair Lack of shine, easy to fall off. 

How to care for hair and scalp 

It is important to clean the hair and scalp on a regular basis. To remove grease, dust and dirt, as well as chemical stains from styling products. For people with oily scalp Should wash your hair every day. Or every other day And people with dry scalp can leave a distance to wash their hair, for example every 2-3 days 

A good shampoo should remove grease. Dirt residue Including chemicals from most styling products without causing dry, itchy hair or scalp. At present there are various types of shampoo such as normal hair shampoo, dry hair, oily hair, damaged hair, fine hair, hair. Color treated hair and medicated shampoos are used to treat dandruff or inflammation of the scalp. Which selection should be considered what type of shampoo is suitable for our hair and scalp conditions. In addition, hair treatments can help restore the condition of dry and damaged hair to be healthy. Using a hair conditioner, hair mask, or hair serum containing natural oils. Will help cover hair scales (Cuticular scales) not easy to tear Reduces resistance (Friction) when combing hair, making the hair not easily damaged. And makes the hair gain weight

Something that destroys the health of the hair without us knowing

Something that destroys the health of the hair without us knowing Causing the hair to become weak, dry, damaged, frizzy and not shiny, including

  • The use of shampoo with a high alkaline value. Make hair scales swollen And easy to be destroyed Including the use of water that is too hot to wash your hair Makes hair lose moisture. As the hot water washes away the oils that nourish the hair Makes my hair dry and damaged
  • Using a hot dryer Hair straightener Or hair curler Is the destruction of hair scales Makes my hair dry and damaged And point frizz, perming or straightening the hair that makes me lose This is because the chemicals in the perm or straightening agents cause the hair to deform. And become more fragile As for the milling or coloring. Makes the hair roots weak and easily falls, some may have an allergic reaction. An itchy rash on the scalp Including the occurrence of hair loss symptoms Because in hair coloring liquid contains chemicals that are acidic and alkaline. 
  • Prolonged exposure to dry climates Makes my hair dry The hair is frizzy and difficult to style, and the heat from the sun and UV rays can make the hair brittle, brittle, dry and dry due to the keratin proteins that protect the hair from being damaged.
  • Stress can lead to dry hair and loss of weight. In some cases, hair loss may occur. This is because stress affects hormones and other systems in the body to function abnormally. Making the nutrients that go to nourish the hair are not enough. 
  • Continuous hair removal for a long time. Causing my hair to not grow up again The sheep scratch the scalp severely. May cause a chronic itchy rash I have broken patches.

How to maintain healthy hair and scalp

Having beautiful and healthy hair is attractive. And good effect on personality Give rise to self-confidence In which a simple method is as follows

  1. Minimize the use of chemicals in the dyeing process.
  2. Avoid drying your hair with extreme heat. Avoid clamping your hair. Or straightening dryers when your hair is still wet Because it will make the hair break easily
  3. To comb your hair, use a brush with a blister or a large toothed comb. Without causing the hair to be broken from being involved in combing or converting
  4. Use warm water to wash your hair. In which the fingertips massage the scalp To stimulate blood circulation And should not scratch the scalp severely while shampooing 
  5. Eat foods rich in vitamin A, B vitamins, zinc, and iron, such as meat, fish, oysters, eggs, milk, or dairy products. Nuts and grains Dark green leafy vegetables, oranges, and carrots, etc., can also help maintain strong and healthy hair.