Is it dangerous to eat or use a lot of collagen?

Is it dangerous to eat or use a lot of collagen? There is no research or scientific proof that indicates that eat more collagen. Then punish the body But for the injection may be harmful to our body to the point of death. Even collagen has many properties. But because collagen is a protein in the form of fiber. If injected into a vein or nerve risk of causing a blockage Blood cannot be passed to the brain.

In addition, collagen injections has never been granted permission to register a drug formula in any way and does not guarantee safety in use Using this facial care method may require a lot of thought. 

The dangers that may occur from collagen injections are as follows:

  1. There is a risk of allergic reactions to collagen. which may consist of other substances as well The body will understand that Collagen is a foreign substance. Even if it has been synthesized until close to the collagen under the skin layer The severity of an allergic reaction depends on the person. The effects of allergic reactions may occur immediately after injection. or after a week or so
  2. Bruising  or “Trauma” is a side effect of the injection. The tip of the needle that pushes the collagen into In such areas there will be red marks. Or bruises Pain, burning, and swelling can follow. But generally it will disappear on its own within 3-7 days.
  3. A blister on the skin surface Unsmooth skin can be caused by insufficiently skilled injectors. May be injected in a position that is too shallow or using too much concentration of collagen. The bumpy skin is susceptible to infection, inflammation, and subsequently spreading into the bloodstream.

Get to know the benefits of collagen. including products from collagen that are beneficial to consumers in terms of enhancing the body and is a way to take care of your face Hope it will be helpful to friends. looking for collagen or supplements to help take care of your skin but before adding Normal meals you eat every day. Must choose to eat a complete nutrition group. including lifestyle Must be perfect, exercise, get enough rest, like this, taking supplements will help to add to the better and see the real results.