Many benefits of prune for women’s.

Prune is the process of drying plums. As for any fruit, it’s the Chinese name plum. But the benefits of prunes are not just that. There are many benefits of this fruit. 

Health menstrual pain relief

          until that day of the month Women, we have to lose a lot of blood. But if we eat prunes Which is rich in iron, it will help synthesize hemoglobin in red blood cells. and increase the blood supply to the body In addition, prunes also contain magnesium. that helps regulate normal hormones and can help relieve menstrual pain But you have to eat prunes 1-2 days before your period to get results. You already know this. UFABET Next month before menstruation, do not forget to buy prunes to eat well.

Weight Loss

          Any young woman who is losing weight. and look for fruits that will help you lose weight I recommend prunes. Because prunes are low in calories, in 1 small prune, it gives about 23 kcal of energy. In addition, prunes also contain soluble fibers that help keep us full, enduring, full for a long time until there is no excuse to eat little things.

          The efficacy of prunes in weight loss has been researched by the University of Liverpool, England, which certifies that it actually helps to lose weight. After trying it on 100 obese people who dieted according to a weight loss plan. Eat prunes with you every day. The women ate 140 grams per day and the men ate 171 grams per day for 12 weeks. The results showed that this group lost 2 kilograms of weight and had a 2.5 centimeter reduction in waist circumference.