Mental health and signs of problems

Generally Behavioral changes before mental illness arises often have some warning signs, such as:

Mental health and signs of problems
  • Anorexic
  • Have negative thoughts about themselves
  • Feeling often anxious or troubled
  • Feel very hopeless or depressed
  • Feeling more paranoid, suspicious, or anxious about the things around you
  • Anger or mood swings
  • Distracted
  • Not as happy with life as before
  • There is a feeling that living each day is difficult.
  • Often new thoughts or strange feelings arise, or may not feel at all.
  • Sleeping too much or having trouble sleeping
  • Not self care and cleanliness
  • Difficulty separating imagination and reality 
  • Confused speech or have communication problems
  • Separating from society or spending more time with oneself
  • Have worsening academic or work performance problems

However, if you find yourself continuing these behaviors or the behavior is violent. Should see a doctor for examination and appropriate treatment plan. Because of how quickly the problems related to mental health are treated? The chances of being healed will also be high.