Secret tips to prevent the danger of mercury

Secret tips to prevent the danger of mercury. Protection against the effects of mercury can be done in a number of ways. Just modify your behavior and follow these tips. 

Secret tips to prevent the danger of mercury
  • Never touch or eat mercury from any product. If necessary, always wear a jacket and gloves. for the safety of the body
  • Throw away mercury-containing products such as medicine. thermometer or light bulbs with care and appropriate To prevent damage and exposure to substances in such products.
  • If mercury leaks from the product being used Containers with water should be supported to prevent mercury evaporation. In the event of mercury leakage in large quantities, medical facility personnel or relevant authorities should be contacted immediately.
  • Open a window or blow a fan to allow mercury vapors in the air to flow outside the house.   
  • Eat fish or seafood that may be low in mercury. Such as shrimp, tilapia, mackerel, tuna, or salmon. and avoid or reduce the consumption of fish or seafood that may contain high mercury, such as sharks, swordfish, eagles, tile, etc. 

However, if you suspect that you have accidentally swallowed, inhaled, or been exposed to mercury. Also have any abnormal symptoms after exposure to mercury should see a doctor for further diagnosis asap. In the event that such substances accumulate in the body more than the limit. Your doctor will begin treatment like limiting your heavy metal exposure palliative. And may be used in combination with other treatments. such as the chelation therapy.  This will help remove heavy metal substances from the body.  Also causing the patient to have better symptoms accordingly.

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