Tips for eating Clean food and not getting bored.

Clean food is good for health as you know. But if you eat every meal every day, it may cause boredom to ask. How should clean food disciples deal with this?

1. Outside the textbook

         Learn the principles of healthy eating to understand. and then apply it the way we like. or according to the raw materials available in the house You don’t have to be perfect according to the textbook. Eating clean will not be boring UFABET

2. Eat internationally.

          Eating clean doesn’t mean having to eat only vegetable salads, flaxseeds, or tofu. Spicy dishes like papaya salad, soft mushrooms, eggplant salad, grilled fish can also be considered clean food. Including clean food from other nations like India, Peru, Laos, Japan and many others that invite you to try.

3. Cook

          your own food. It will help us enjoy eating clean more than ordering to eat. and also save more money

4. You can fall off, you don’t have to feel guilty.

          Don’t make clean eating a stressful part of your life. If there is a day when you have to have a fun party or want to fall then go off with fun. When you’re full, start cleaning again.

5. Find an ideological friend.

          Having a friend together to help each other eat clean, share happiness and share suffering (when craving for fat food) will help make eating clean more possible.