What is a psychopaths?

          Psychopaths are classified as one of the Antisocial Personality Disorders. Patients are characterize by a lack of empathy for others lack of remorse. There was no restraint. He look like a hard man merciless.


What is the cause of Psychopaths ?

Medically, the cause of psychopathology is divided into 2 areas:

1. Physical side

          From abnormalities in the frontal brain and the amygdala part of the brain. Including abnormalities in chemicals in the brain. UFABET Due to a brain accident or inherited genetics.

2. Psychological and social aspects.

          Childhood abuse faced with family crimes family rift or being in harsh social conditions since childhood. Even neglectful upbringing can also be a contributing factor to psychopathology.

What are the symptoms of psychopathology? In today’s society, we may encounter selfish people. People who only care about their own feelings. And be mean to others often, but how much will become a psychopath Consider these symptoms.          

1. Have a hard heart. which is often expressed through actions to be seen often distort the facts To get what they want.         

2. Have unusual emotions and thoughts. Especially when socializing.         

3. Lack of standards for separating right and wrong, that is.

4. judges right or wrong based on their own benefits.

5. Has a sense of numbness, fearlessness, even if oneself is doing something illegal and is about to be punished.

  6. May behave aggressively, be violent, or have the right to commit crimes.