AC Milan president says new stadium is the most beautiful in the world.

AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni has boasted that. The football club’s new stadium will definitely be the most beautiful soccer field in the world.

“Red-Black Devils” have created a project to build a new stadium at San Donato, with plans already submitted to local authorities. UFABET The stadium will have everything including hotels, restaurants and other commercial space. Covering an area of ​​108,000 square meters, Scaroni revealed that the new stadium, expected to open in 2028, will be the most beautiful arena in the world.

“AC Milan stadium will be the most beautiful stadium in the world. “I’ve been talking about the stadium for five years, now it’s a mission. On social media I’m already calling me Paolo Stadioni. It makes you realize how often I talk about it,” Scaroni said.

“We will occupy space that is not used for other purposes. But it is suitable for building a sports stadium. We are moving in the right direction. The Red Bird Fund is a great expert in building stadiums. They make a lot of them here in the United States.”

“This is why we have a duty to create wonders. We owe a lot to our fans around the world, capacity will be 70,000 which is our average over the years. The stadium will be open on non-game days. And we will carry out all related activities such as restaurants. and stores related to sports products”

“We have been following this for 20 years with what has already been done in France, Germany and Spain. We are just adapting to these countries because they are competitive. I believe the season we will play in the new stadium will be 2028.”