Juventus announce Allegri sacking with immediate effect.

Juventus have sacked manager Max Allegri after his behaviour during and after the Coppa Italia final. Which the club deemed inconsistent with Juventus’ values.

A statement has been released confirming that. His actions during the Coppa Italia final were inconsistent with the values ​​of Juventus. And those who are expected to represent the club.

“Juventus announces the dismissal of Massimiliano Allegri from his position as head coach of the first team.” the statement read UFABET

“It follows certain behaviour during and after the Coppa Italia final that the club considers inconsistent. With Juventus’ values ​​and the behaviour that a Juventus representative should behave in.”

“It marks the end of a collaboration that began in 2014, and ended in 2021. After the previous three seasons together, with the Italian Cup final.”

“The club wishes Massimiliano Allegri the best of luck in his future endeavours,”

For the remaining two games of the season against Bologna this week and Monza in the final week. Juventus will appoint Under-19 head coach Paolo Montero as caretaker manager.

In the game, Allegri was sent off after behaving inappropriately, and after receiving a red card. He was so angry that he threw his suit jacket away. While applauding and giving a sarcastic thumbs-up to the refereeing staff.