History of April Fools’ Day.

Fool’s Day is believed to be called April Fool’s Day. History of today starting in France In the 16th century. At that time, the French had New Year’s Day on April 1 until the arrival of Pope Gregory in 1562. So Christians around the world celebrated New Year’s Day together on January 1st. This was the old days News did not spread as fast as nowadays. Some French country people don’t know yet. Plus, some people have heard it and still don’t believe it. So celebrate New Year’s Day on April 1 as usual. Causing the outdated people to ridicule the outdated people as ” fools “. And also try to fool this group of people for fun lifestyle.

April 1st  therefore became the day. That people pretend to fool each other by making up anything to deceive other people into believing and then give an answer at the end. Which the story that was taken to deceive must not cause the other party to bleed out rubber. And those who are deceived must not be angry either. Because today is considered a special day except for one day. UFABET

Some theories say that This Fool’s Day began with the ancient Romans having a festival called “Cerealia” held in early April. The story goes that a god named Ceres heard the echo of his daughter Prosperpina shouting. That she had been taken underground by Pluto. and found the fact that. Following the reflection. It’s not smart at all.