Luke Shaw parked for too long and received four tickets.

Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw has been fined £240 for parking too long outside a train station. The Red Devils star parked his black Lamborghini Urus outside Wilmslow train station in Cheshire.

But photos show the window of Shaw’s £180,000 luxury car was plastered with four tickets worth £60 each. Shaw was seen driving to Manchester’s Carrington training ground earlier. United ทางเข้า UFABET 

The 28-year-old isn’t the only United star to be issued a parking ticket in the New Year.

Marcus Rashford, who is starting to return to show good form with 2 goals and 2 assists in the last 4 matches, also feels the need to pay a parking fine this month.

Last week, the 26-year-old striker was fined £60 after parking his £280,000 McLaren 765 LT over two yellow lines.

It happened when he met Red Devils team-mate Tyrell Malasia for lunch at Juniper in Wilmslow.

However, even though both were fined They shouldn’t have anything to worry about. It is reported that Shaw earns £150,000 a week, while Rashford earns £300,000.

Luke Shaw has not played in the Premier League since before Christmas.

In fact, the left-back is set to return to the field for United in the 2-2 draw with Spurs on Sunday. But had to withdraw after not being fit enough, which caused Aaron Wan-Bissaka to be stationed in the left-back position instead.