Sturridge explains about cheating on money for dog.

Daniel Sturridge, former England football striker Came out to explain the lawsuit after being summoned for not paying money to search for a previously stolen dog.

Back in July 2019, Sturridge launched a search for a dog stolen from his Los Angeles home. Offering money to anyone who could return their beloved dog safely. UFABET Until Foster Washington brought him back.

However, Washington said the contract was not paid, prompting a civil suit. The court later order Sturridge to pay $30,000. But it was ignored. And when the court made an appointment to summon him to give evidence. He became confuse again until an arrest warrant was issued.

Sturridge explain via social media: “I personally have paid a reward to the child who found the dog. He is satisfied with the award. The same goes for me and my family who brought Lucci home.”

“The person who receives the money is not assigned any number. I paid the money to the boy who found Lucci, I didn’t know there was a court hearing. Legal documents were sent to Airbnb property. Which we remove 24 hours after it was stolen.”

“Therefore, I have not had the opportunity to properly explain myself regarding those false claims.”

“From the matter already mention. Now that I have had California attorneys handle the matter on my behalf, I am confident this will be resolved quickly and this claim settled.”