Use a mobile phone in thunderstorm

Use a mobile phone in thunderstorm. Is it really the risk of lightning?During this time, many areas have thunderstorms. Perhaps there was thunder and lightning. Many people still have the understanding that Using a mobile phone in a thunderstorm is likely to be struck by lightning. So today, let’s leave the facts together. That in science What did he say

Expert information

From an interview with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jedsada Denduangboriphan Lecturer of the Department of Biology Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University in the list of sharing quickly, check for sure.

“I see that I have quite a lot of faith. That if we use our mobile phones in the rain Can lure lightning.

“(The expert) has been tested in electrical engineering. By placing a mobile phone in a machine that makes a simulated lightning Between ordinary phones The phone turned on The open phone calls out – call me

“Found all that there is no device that can lure lightning.”

In conclusion

I have received the answer that using a mobile phone in the rain Does not increase the chance of lightning at all

But even so The Department of Health has warned that During a thunderstorm Avoid being in open areas such as fields, football fields, swimming pools, golf courses, if inevitably they must not be near tall places such as tall trees, telephone poles, electric poles, do not open umbrellas with a metal spire. And do not hold objects that are held higher from your body, such as fishing rods, golf clubs, etc.